Sight Glasses

Leading Producer of Fused Glass-to-Metal Critical Observation Tools

Electroseal has become the leading manufacturer of hermetically sealed sight glasses in North America. We provide high- and low-pressure solutions for a wide range of industries, including food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, construction, petroleum, chemical and many others. 


Applications of Electroseal Products Used Far and Wide 

From the bottom of the ocean to the distant reaches of space, these incredibly precise, yet straightforward components provide the observation tools for critical visual measurement verifications of fluids, gases and powder, in just about every piece of heavy equipment or industrial installation you’ll find.  Regardless if the application calls for stainless, plated, bare steel, brass, plastic or other specified material, it is likely we have your solution in our inventory, ready to ship. 

Custom Solutions Available

If your application requires a specialty solution, we will gladly design and produce it to your specifications, on time and on budget, right here in Indiana. Contact Us today to see how we can help you produce a safer and more reliable product using our industry proven and time-tested sight glasses manufacturing process. And since Electro Seal produces more sight glasses than any other manufacturer, you will also enjoy the benefit of scale, adding significant savings and value for your company’s bottom line.

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