Quality Manufacturing in the USA since 1946

Starting out as Northern Indiana Screw Machine Products in 1946, we established ourselves as a leader for traditional screw machine parts for the automotive and heavy machinery industries. We produced turned components to customer specifications with manual, single-spindle automatic and multiple-spindle automatic lathes.

In 1982, Northern Indiana Screw Machine Products was purchased by Robert Dragani and renamed Northern Indiana Manufacturing, or NIM. Operations capabilities expanded significantly in 1987 with the introduction of our first of many state-of-the art CNC lathes, enabling us to meet customer needs for rapid prototyping, small lot runs and close tolerance parts production.

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Thriving and Stable Business

Since our humble beginnings, Northern Indiana Manufacturing has weathered the ups and downs of a global economy, including most importantly, the exodus of US-based manufacturing to other developing lower-cost countries.

This period significantly replaced domestic manufacturing capacity as OEMs traded quality, flexibility and reliability for cost advantages.

During this difficult time, Northern Indiana Manufacturing not only survived, it became a stronger, leaner and more efficient operating company. The business evolved, becoming stronger and sustained by focusing on what overseas competitors could not do. We delivered faster turnaround times and better quality, while becoming more and more competitive with price.

Through this all, NIM has grown from a staff of just 7 people crowded into 6000 square feet in 1982 to over 75 employees in a 120,000 square feet facility today.

Standard Products and Contract Manufacturing Services

We now sell to a diversified customer base, supplying customers in a wide range of markets including farm equipment, bearings, construction, petroleum and automotive aftermarket. Through the development of new and existing customers, in addition to several strategic acquisitions, NIM became the dominant source for aftermarket pulleys in the United States, with a product line that includes over 375 alternator pulleys.

Though the backbone of our business lies in this core lineup of standard products, a dynamic production setup with time-tested processing expertise enabled us to produce a limitless range of specialty components for some of the world’s largest companies.

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Expanded Capabilities with Electro-Seal

In 1991, Northern Indiana Manufacturing purchased one of its largest customers, Electro-Seal Corporation. This company is a fused glass-to-metal producer located in Chesterton, Indiana. All associates were retained, and the company continues to operate out of the Chesterton facility to this day. Electro-Seal has grown to become North America’s leading independent producer of hermetically sealed glass-to-metal fused sight glasses, utilizing zone atmosphere-controlled electric furnaces.

Fused glass-to-metal sight glasses and sight windows serve as critical process observation tools for a broad range of industries and applications, including commercial and automotive air conditioners, vacuum pumps, compressors, refrigeration, gear boxes, receivers and hydraulic reservoir applications. 

In addition, Electro-Seal manufactures a range of hermetically sealed electrical terminals and feedthroughs. These electrical connectors and feedthroughs are used in numerous electrical controls.